Thursday, February 9, 2012

Showing Love For Our Planet! Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts

Maybe I'm being a bit materialistic about Valentine's Day, but seriously: I found some sweet goodies that'll put you in the holiday spirit. There's just something about hearts, roses, and chocolate that can turn a girl into mush... but be careful! Traditional V-day gifts have a bad rep for being wasteful and/or harmful. Flowers sprayed with pesticides? Illegal diamonds? Chemical-laced perfumes? Okay, you get the picture. Whether you're buying for someone else or just for yourself, try to make a conscious effort to buy from responsible retailers. Our planet needs some loving, too!

Here are some of my favorite picks that will make your Valentine's Day eco-fabulous. Enjoy! :)

1. Heart Cluster Cuff by Kris Nations - $85.00
made in the USA from recycled 14k gold overlay.

2. One Dozen Rich Pink Roses by Organic Bouquet - $49.95
sustainably grown, these gorgeous organic roses are fair trade certified.

3. Osaka Necklace by Hovey Lee - $118.00
beautiful locket made from vintage brass.

4. Marielle Clutch by Mar Y Sol - $120.00
handmade using raffia, cotton, and carved wood.

5. Gourmet Vegan Organic Assorted Chocolates - $25.00
the title says it all... delicious!

6. Ilia Pure Lip Care in Bang Bang - $24.00
a sheer romantic red that conditions lips naturally. perfect for v-day!

7. Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon VIII Heeled Sandals - $215.00
Melissa's signature eco-plastic shoes paired with Westwood's bold style.

8. Red Doves Tote by Apple & Bee - $34.95
organic cotton complete with an adorable print.


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