Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm Loving: Yarok Hair Care

I am happy to report that I have found my hair's new best friend. Meet Yarok.

Yarok means 'green' in Hebrew and they certainly live up to the name. The brand is completely vegan and made with sustainably harvested botanicals and essential oils. No icky chemicals in sight.

I first found Yarok on Spirit Beauty Lounge, where I sampled their 'Feed Your Volume' collection. While the shampoo is very nice, their conditioner is what won me over. It's like magic in a bottle, I swear. It made my hair super soft without ever being greasy. Best conditioner ever, hands down.

Yarok really makes switching to safe hair products a no-brainer. They have everything you need, from mousse and hairspray to shine serum and scalp treatments. They work the same, if not better, than conventional products. Point in case: their 'Feed Your Hold' hairspray holds my Snooki poof better than freaking Aqua Net. Jersey Girl approved ;)

Products range from $13-$49 and they are so worth it.

Check out Yarok's website or sample products at Spirit Beauty Lounge.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Eco Spa Trip: Eden Organix

After realizing it had been four months since my last haircut, I decided it was time for some serious pampering. I don't care how busy or broke you are, every girl needs some "me time." (at home pampering is just as good, too!).

So besides the much needed haircut and monthly mani/pedi, I stepped it up a notch and booked a facial at Eden Organix, a local eco-conscious spa and boutique.

Now, I'm certainly no spa guru. In fact, I've only recently discovered what a wonderful privilege they are. But after visiting Massage Envy (a spa chain) with my best friend, Jess, I knew I had to find an eco-friendly version. Cause let's be real here: if I'm going to pay $100 for you to slather products onto my skin, I want to be damn sure that they're from brands I trust and respect.

For example: Massage Envy bragged about how they use Murad products... um, not really something to brag about. Murad claims to be a gentle skincare line and yet their products are loaded with chemicals that suck the life out of your skin. No thanks.

My experience with Eden Organix was wonderful. It's cozy setting made me feel right at home. The waiting room had some great green books (Gorgeously Green, Green Chic) and magazines (Organic Spa Magazine, NJ Health & Beauty), while the front area hosted their boutique.

Eden Organix Boutique in Highland Park, NJ
Lauren was my esthetician and she was amazing. I received the deep cleansing facial, recommended for my acne-prone skin ($100 for 1 hour). Using products from 100% Pure, Juice Beauty, and Pangea Organics, Lauren described the benefits and ingredients of everything used. She answered all of my questions and gave some great tips for fighting acne. I'm thrilled to have found this place. Now if I can only find an eco-friendly nail salon in my area...

If you live in central New Jersey, swing by Eden Organix (located in Highland Park) for some sweet organic bliss. They offer all sorts of facials and massages, as well as make-up applications and waxing (using the best eco products, of course). Check their website for updates on specials and package deals. You can also shop their boutique online.

And if you're not from anywhere around here, I really suggest you find an eco-friendly spa near you (hello, Google). Seriously, your skin will thank you. Just make sure to do your research and read some reviews first. Happy pampering!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Magazine Clippings: Amanda Hearst's 'Feel Good Fashion'

If there's one thing my friends and family all know about me, it's that I'm a full-blown magazine-aholic. My house is bursting at the seams with stacks of them. A trip to the recycling center is long overdue at this point.

Amanda Hearst
I don't know what it is about them, but I just love them. The happiness I feel when I spot a new issue makes me question my sanity. Being a magazine editor, or dare I say, creator, would be a dream come true for me. And if that magazine happens to be eco-friendly? My life would be complete.

I find all sorts of stuff in magazines. Recently, I've been sifting for anything eco-friendly. This is how I came across my new idol, Amanda Hearst.

Amanda is an heiress to the famous Hearst Corporation and is an editor for Marie Claire. Through her articles and blog entries, Amanda is always sharing her top picks in ethical fashion. She has a monthly feature in Marie Claire called "Feel Good Fashion" that I absolutely love (see below).

Check out Amanda's articles in Marie Claire or visit her blog, Amanda's Eye.

And keep checking my blog for more eco-friendly magazine clippings!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A New Step For TOMS

There's nothing I love more than hearing about charitable acts being done throughout the world. And when they're being done by a super cool, popular company? It makes it even sweeter.

Of course, charity has always been the foundation of TOMS, who launched their cult-classic canvas shoe in 2006. They became known for their "One For One" movement, where a pair of shoes would be donated for each one sold. TOMS shoes have been spotted on many famous feet, including Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus, Bradley Cooper, and my favorite gal, Olivia Wilde.

After donating one million pairs of shoes by September 2010, TOMS thought it was time for a new "One For One" endeavor: eyewear.

Now, I'm not really a sunglasses kind of girl, but these are some seriously sexy shades.

So what exactly will buying a pair do? Check it out:
Pretty cool, huh?

Price Range: $135 - $145
Where: TOMS website or Nordstrom

Want more? Watch founder, Blake Mycoskie, talk about the TOMS eyewear project:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fresh Start!

At last, my new blog is here!

After weeks of obsessing (and thoroughly annoying my boyfriend) over titles, captions, themes, layouts, etc., I have finally made progress! I'm simply thrilled to, once again, give the blogging world a shot. But this time, I promise to give it my all. No more half-assed updates or blogging here and there bullshit. This is gonna be one of the serious blogs, you wait and see.

Seriously, though. Green living is my passion. My goal is to have my blog reflect that passion in the best possible way I can. I want nothing more than to spark a change and teach you guys something new. I hope you stick around and support me. I am nothing without my readers.

So there you have it. My first post. Now go click that subscribe button and show me some love!