Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quarterly Delivery From No More Dirty Looks

Okay, so this post is long overdue. Back in October, I signed up for an auto-delivery service called Quarterly Co. So what exactly is it? Well, in simple terms, "Quarterly Co. is a subscription service that lets you receive awesome things in the mail." Here's how it works: you choose a contributor that interests you. Contributors consist of all types of influential people: writers, designers, food gurus, entrepreneurs, etc. What they do is, every three months, they send you a package of items of their choosing. "Each product should reflect on the person who selected it, and help inform your understanding of them." The goal is to reconnect with the tangible in a world obsessed with digital.

I chose to subscribe to the lovely ladies of No More Dirty Looks, Siobhan O'Connor and Alexandra Spunt. For those of you who've never heard of them (you're totally missing out, btw), Siobhan and Alexandra wrote the clean beauty bible, No More Dirty Looks. They also have a blog that goes by the same name (definitely subscribe, it's wonderful).

Anyway, I received my first package in January and I was absolutely delighted with the products. They included a dry body brush by Hydrea London, a Leap Organics lavender bar soap, and a sample of Soapwalla Deodorant Cream. All three have been introduced into my daily routine and I'm so happy, especially with the deodorant. I really admire the Soapwalla company (on Etsy). Made in Brooklyn, all of the products are handmade with organic, vegan ingredients. Best of all, the deodorant cream rocks. I swear it works better than traditional antiperspirants.

My only complaint was the delay on the first shipment. Because Quarerly Co. is a new company, it took them a little while to get organized. Hopefully, my future shipments will be more on schedule. Stay tuned for a post about the next batch of goodies :)

If you want to subscribe to No More Dirty Looks on Quarterly Co. click here! For $25, it's a great way to sample some eco-friendly beauty products.


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