Saturday, June 23, 2012

Behind The Blog: Spirit Beauty Lounge Shopping Spree!

Hello there, strangers! Just stopping by to let you know that yes, I am still alive! Just been working my little butt off lately. And since I've been working so damn hard, I decided that I deserved a little self-indulging. Most girls splurge at Sephora, but Spirit Beauty Lounge is where it's at. This fabulous online store has all the best beauty goodies a girl could want     all au natural, of course.

So, hopefully sometime next week I will be receiving a box full of lovely things. I ordered some Chocolate Sun tanning cream (first time trying it!), a leave-in conditioner by Intelligent Nutrients, a bath bar by Whole Truth Solutions, and a customized sample kit with a bunch of things I've been meaning to try. I promise to do a ton of reviews! :)

Anyone else do a little self-indulging lately? Hope you're all enjoying your summer!


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