Thursday, June 28, 2012

Currently Coveting: Wren x Clare Vivier Tote

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a sucker for anything celestial. I mean, come on now. I have my birth chart tattooed on my back. And when you combine celestial with fashion? Forget it. I'm sold.

So naturally, I fell in love with this reversible tote by Clare Vivier and Wren     two emerging brands that decided to join forces. One side features Clare Vivier's signature vegetable tanned leather, while the other flaunts a gorgeous galaxy print recycled from Wren's Spring 2012 collection. In addition to using leftover materials, Clare Vivier and Melissa Coker of Wren stay committed to social consciousness by making their bags locally in Los Angeles. The result is a super versatile bag that's both stylish and eco-friendly.

The Wren x Clare Vivier retails for $350 and is available for purchase online.


  1. Ah these bags are awesome!! I love anything reversible, you get twice the use out of them.

    Cassidy, from

  2. Collaboration and celestial prints...a perfect duo in my book. I love the Kelly green backing in the first photo. I hope you're settling well into your new job. How cool to have the opportunity to learn more about eco-friendly food practices! I look forward to reading more about all that. My hubby and I are working on plans for starting a botanical garden/nursery in the near future, and beautiful edibles will represent a significant portion of our focus.

  3. I love the big purse and the celestial print is awesome. I'm a new follower.