Monday, March 5, 2012

Acure Organics Dry Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner Review

Good morning everyone! After a busy (and fun) weekend, I'm ready to continue with my reviews. Next up are some hair products from the very affordable Acure Organics. I gave their leave in conditioner and dry shampoo a whirl. This is my first experience with Acure Organics so read on to see how it turned out!

First off, I am cursed with horribly thin hair so I'm always at war with greasiness. Dry shampoo is a god send for me. This powdered miracle helps me tame the greasies and keeps me looking fresh in between washes. For the longest time, I used Oscar Blandi's dry shampoo from Sephora    not very clean girl friendly. This stuff worked well, but smelt like lemon furniture polish. Gross. On the other hand, Acure's version smells wonderful. Made with organic corn starch and french white clay, Acure's dry shampoo soaks up oil and dirt in mere seconds. The texture is similar to baby powder, but blends well into hair without leaving behind any residue. Overall, it works just as well as Blandi's, minus the aluminum starch. And for $11, you can't beat it.

Next up, is the leave-in conditioner. Made with argan oil, this lightweight spray softens and protects your hair with natural nourishing ingredients. Like the dry shampoo, it smells great, thanks to the acai berry, pomegranate, and blackberry. Leave-in conditioner is a must for me because of all the flat-ironing that I do. My all time favorite leave-in is by Intelligent Nutrients, but it's pricey and requires an online order. For around 9 bucks, Acure's leave-in is an affordable alternative. However, it can be a tad bit heavy. At first, I sprayed it on like I would with Intelligent Nutrients', but woke up to oily hair the next day. Now I just spritz some on my hands and apply it only to my ends. My hair is left shiny, soft, and gorgeous. Love it.

Both of these products were found at Whole Foods in Madison, New Jersey. Currently, neither product is available on Acure Organics' website, but can be found on Amazon and other stores online.


  1. I find the Acure Organics leave in to be a bit heavy on my fine hair as well. The spray itself comes out in one line, instead of a mist, so I have to spray it into my hands in order to distribute it evenly in my hair.

    1. Weird. I bought and tried the leave-in conditioner yesterday and only the first spray came out in a line. The rest of the squirts were more mist-like.

      In any case, so far I love the stuff. I'm gonna try the dry shampoo next.