Monday, August 8, 2011

Scotch Naturals Review

After hearing a bunch of hype about Scotch Naturals nail polish, I decided to give it a whirl. I purchased the cocktail trio which includes three polishes, a base/top coat called 'On the Rocks', and a nail buffer for a grand total of $48.99. A bit pricey for my liking, but hey, it was a birthday gift to myself :)

Pictured colors: Lochness Mystery, Morning Glory Fizz, and Leprechaun Lynch

When it comes to nails, I'm not really a traditional color kind of girl. I stay far away from reds and pinks. Luckily, Scotch has some fun colors to choose from (they currently have 17 total). Pictured above are the shades I ended up choosing.

Perhaps it was my screen's resolution, but I was kind of disappointed by the 'real-life' color. Lochness Mystery was darker than expected while Morning Glory Fizz and Leprechaun Lynch were much paler in person. They were still pretty, just not what I expected. But I guess that's what you get when you shop online.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Scotch's polish, they're completely non-toxic and composed of only a few ingredients: water, acrylic polymer emulsion, butoxy diglycol and non-toxic colorants. Pretty impressive, right? Best of all, they barely have a scent at all.

So how does Scotch measure up? Well, I have mixed feelings. The consistency is great, much thinner than traditional polishes, making it easier to apply (at least for me). It also dries wickedly fast, another great perk. However, the pigment is where my problem lies. 

Morning Glory and Leprechaun were very transparent, even after three coats. Granted, my painting skills are pretty crummy so perhaps a professional could do a better job. But check out Leprechaun on my hands. Not so cute.

Maybe I'll give it another shot with thicker coats. On the bright side, I really enjoyed Lochness Mystery. Fabulous color after two thin coats. Look at how awesome it looks on my toes (with my favorite Sanuk sandals, of course).

Overall review:
Pros: smooth consistency, dries quickly, decent staying power
Cons: a bit pricey, pale shades are too transparent

Recommended? Yes, but only for the darker shades :)

Has anyone else tried Scotch Naturals? What did you think of them?


  1. Love your color choices! One thing that disappoints me about natural cosmetics like this, though, is their costliness -- I'm not sure I could pay $49 for three containers of nail polish. A report my website recently featured ( said that the majority of the "super green" were wealthy -- and I guess this is part of the reason it happens.

  2. Love the sandals! Very cute and casual.

  3. I have Loch Ness Mystery too, but I haven't tried it on my toenails yet. It looks so good on yours! I think it's time for a pedicure. The color is darker than expected, but I actually like it better darker.

  4. great job - you have gorgeous broad toenails.