Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why I Heart Suki: My Quest For Clear Skin

Okay, this isn't exactly breaking news. I've been loving Suki for quite sometime now, but I've never actually blogged about it. Absolute madness!

Made with nothing but the best ingredients, Suki Kramer's natural cosmetic line delivers some serious results. The company is extremely passionate about clean cosmetics. They support fair trade, local sourcing, and organics. Everything is 100% cruelty free and made fresh by hand (goodbye carbon output!). Their formulas are housed in beautiful glass jars to avoid icky plastics. Recycled stock is used for packaging while everything is printed with vegetable based inks. Their suppliers are carefully chosen based on environmental practices. They seriously cover it all.

So what has Suki done for me?

Well, everyone has their skin woes. Mine was acne. Stubborn, self-esteem-robbing acne. I used everything, both chemicals and naturals. You name it, I used it. It was the most frustrating thing ever. There were days that I would just cry simply because I hated my skin. It was that bad.

Then I came across Suki after reading about oil therapy for acne in The Green Beauty Guide. Essentially, the theory suggests combating acne with healthy, non-clogging oils, like jojoba. It sounded crazy to me, considering us acne sufferers have been taught that oil causes acne. But I gave it a go. The book recommended Suki's Balancing Pure Facial Moisture. I also ended up buying Suki's Foaming Cleanser (their most popular item) and Balancing Toner.

After using Suki for a month or so, I saw a huge change. My skin was radiant. I still had some breakouts, but not as severe. I continued to use Suki, in addition to adopting other healthy skin practices. Today, my skin is better than ever, something I'm truly proud of. I've even gone to work without wearing make-up, a huge step for me. Suki really changed my life. It showed me the power of naturals and what they can really do for your skin.

Interested in Suki? Check out their website. They've got solutions for dry/mature skin, rosacea, cystic acne, and more!

What products have solved your skin problems? Have you ever tried Suki? What did you think?


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