Monday, July 11, 2011

Eco Beach Essentials

This past week has been a wonderful vacation here at my parent's shore house in Manahawkin, New Jersey (near Long Beach Island). It's my favorite place to be, hands down. As a kid, I could never get enough of the beach and I don't think I ever will.

So as a full-blown beach bum, I decided to feature my favorite shore-worthy goods (all eco-friendly, of course). So here they are, collage style :)

Bobble Bottle - $9.99: You can't go to the beach without a water bottle! And if it's not re-useable, you will be getting death stares. This one has a cool replaceable filter for a cheap price tag.

Sanuk Rasta Nectar Sandals - $42.00: These super stylish sandals are made of hemp, recycled rubber, and coconut shells (as buttons!). I absolutely adore them.

Loomstate for Target Shorts: These comfy organic cotton shorts are my fave. Sadly, they're not in stores anymore so I really hope Loomstate does another collection for Target *fingers crossed*

LAVANILLA The Healthy Lip Screen - $16.00: My lips always get burnt at the beach. This stuff protects them like no other and has a sweet minty scent. Perfection.

No More Dirty Looks - $12.00: Best eco-beauty handbook ever. Perfect beach read.

Yarok 'Feed Your Volume' Conditioner - $26.00: Yarok is my new obsession. This conditioner transforms my salty hair into luscious locks. No effort required.

What are some of your favorite vacation essentials?

Hope everyone is having a great summer!


  1. I really enjoyed the book no more dirty looks it was very witty and informative....I found you on EcoGreenies:) check me out at whenever you can

  2. These are all great items. Only problem here - they are quite pricey. Whenever I go to the beach, I spend a lot of money on food, drinks, etc. I love these eco-friendly items, but I wouldn't buy them unless they were cheaper.

  3. The Bobble Bottle is very cool. I like the idea of the replaceable filter!

  4. I really enjoyed the book No more dirty looks, I think it is a good read for people on and off the beach. It speaks volumes about people who spend so much money on their looks. People do not realize that it is not good to use cosmetics but in the end most of the chemicals used in these products cause cancer. I got a good deal on this book from they have loads of really nice deals and there survive is really fast. The other good thing about is that they help schools and kids with their education, makes me happy to be with such vendor