Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Backyard Wildlife: Hummingbirds

Good morning, all! Hope everyone is having an awesome September so far. I'm just getting back into the swing of things, balancing a hectic school and work schedule. But it's nice to be busy again!

As much as I love Fall, I'm sad to say goodbye to Summer. Especially because I love watching the hummingbirds zip around in my backyard. They are really magnificent little creatures. Yesterday, after much patience, I finally got some great snapshots of the female. I'm so excited to share them with you. Take a look:

Many people are unaware that hummingbirds are even around them. I, for one, never knew they were any in my area (Northeastern US has only one species: The Ruby Throated). Being so fast and tiny, it's easy to mistake them as an insect! They also love to hide out. But with a little bit of coaxing, you can get these little guys to come pay you a visit. Here's a few tips if you want to start attracting some next season:

  • Red, red, red! Put lots of red objects in your backyard, such as ribbons and planters. Hummingbirds are crazy about the color.
  • Put up a couple of feeders (make sure they're red!). Hummingbirds like options, especially since they are very territorial. Fill with simple nectar (4 parts water, 1 part sugar, boiled and refrigerated). Do not color the nectar. We're not sure how dyes may affect them.
  • Keep your feeders fresh and clean. Many hummers will avoid a dirty feeder.
  • Put out plants that are known hummingbird favorites. Petunias, honeysuckle, and azaleas are all great examples. Note: hummingbirds don't just like red flowers! Do a little research.
  • Be patient! In areas where hummingbirds aren't super abundant, it can take time to attract some. But it's totally worth the wait.

Have you had any success in attracting hummingbirds? What other wildlife to enjoy in your area?


  1. My brother has a hummingbird feeder in his back yard and it get so much traffic. You have to watch out as the hummingbirds buzz around you...very closely at times. It is fun entertainment while you are sipping your beer or wine on the back patio.

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  3. Beautiful scenery....

    Getting close to the nature improves the psychological health of human beings.

  4. Oh I do miss the summer in the UK. I wonder camera you are using it has to be a digital SLR, I am currently trying to decide which one to buy.
    I would appreciate any ideas. Nature is beautiful and would like to capture such beauty.