Sunday, June 12, 2011

A New Step For TOMS

There's nothing I love more than hearing about charitable acts being done throughout the world. And when they're being done by a super cool, popular company? It makes it even sweeter.

Of course, charity has always been the foundation of TOMS, who launched their cult-classic canvas shoe in 2006. They became known for their "One For One" movement, where a pair of shoes would be donated for each one sold. TOMS shoes have been spotted on many famous feet, including Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus, Bradley Cooper, and my favorite gal, Olivia Wilde.

After donating one million pairs of shoes by September 2010, TOMS thought it was time for a new "One For One" endeavor: eyewear.

Now, I'm not really a sunglasses kind of girl, but these are some seriously sexy shades.

So what exactly will buying a pair do? Check it out:
Pretty cool, huh?

Price Range: $135 - $145
Where: TOMS website or Nordstrom

Want more? Watch founder, Blake Mycoskie, talk about the TOMS eyewear project:


  1. Cool article -- thanks for the update! TOMS Shoes have the coolest designs, are extremely comfortable, and, not to mention, have the benefits of being charitable AND hip! I might have to pick up a pair of these eyeglasses myself, as they seem to live up to their shoe predecessors in style.

  2. This is really cool, I wonder how far Tom's can take the 1 for 1 model. Maybe they can move it to other clothing, food, and many other possibilities.